New YCSD COVID Guidelines

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Dear parents of YCSD students,

We are excited to have your children come into school fully in person, beginning April 19. We believe we have formulated a very safe and effective way to have students learn with all of their peers around them. There are a few new rules that have been formulated in order to maintain that this endeavor is as safe as possible. Here are some of the new regulations, rules, and options for the full in-person model. Please read this letter thoroughly and make sure you and your kids are aware of these.

Elementary School Drop-Off

For the Mohansic and Brookside students who will not be taking the bus to school, there are new rules to heed. In order to ensure kids come in at a steady and orderly pace, parents will have to wait to drop off their child for a certain time. If the student’s last name begins with A-G, they should be dropped off at 8:40. Those with the last name N-Z should come next, at 8:45. Finally, H-M should be dropped off at the CVS in town, where there will be a bus waiting to take them the remainder of the way. However, if any of the following characteristics applies to the student, then drop-off will be different for them. Those with first names that are less than 5 letters long should be dropped off at the front doors, and those whose names are 6 and more letters long will enter through the roof of the school (there will be a ladder with YFD personnel present). If the parent is dropping off a child in a Subaru, Toyota, or Nissan, please have them exit the car two blocks away and walk the remainder of the distance to the school. If the car is a Tesla, they should be dropped off on 202, as that’s as far as the car will get on one charge anyway.

Remote Lunch Model

Middle and High School students will have a new model available to them if they are nervous about eating lunch in person. Students will be able to return home for their lunch period and eat at home. However, in order to ensure they get credit for the period, they will have to join a zoom in which they eat. Cameras must be on at all times in order to be marked as present. There will be a lunch aide on the zoom to watch them. Therefore, please make sure that your child chews with their mouth closed. Furthermore, please tell them to have themselves unmuted. We are attempting to simulate a real lunchroom experience for the students, which partly involves the noise. We may also try out doing virtual lunch tables by using breakout rooms. However, the students at MESMS will have to choose the students they want to sit at their “lunch table” with by the end of the first week. These tables cannot be changed for the rest of the year.

In-Person Lunch Model

For the Middle and High School students who will be remaining remote, there will be an option to go in person to eat lunch. They will only be allowed to sit at a table with someone whose last name sounds similar to theirs. For example, students with the last names Jackson and Greyson can sit together, but not with someone named Smith. In order to ensure that these students remain safe from the full in-person ones, they will still wear their masks while eating. The masks will not have to cover their mouths, but must cover the nose. Furthermore, cutting a slit in a mask to put food through is also an option. 

In-Person Labs

High School students who are staying remote will also have the option to do their labs in person. We understand that doing the labs from home has been very difficult. Therefore, this should be a lot better than what it was before. The students will be unable to come into the classroom with other in-person students, so they will have to do it outside of school. We plan to hold these labs in the evenings. Some will be at the teachers’ houses, but supplies must be brought by the students. Teachers will supply them with links that lead them to places where they can buy the lab materials online. Please be aware that some must be shipped internationally and could therefore take two to three business weeks to arrive. Thankfully though, the Suez Canal has been freed so we expect there not to be any major delays in deliveries.

In-Person Clubs

We have been asked a number of times what the situation will be for High School clubs, which have been meeting remotely since the beginning of the school year. We are happy to announce that these clubs will be able to meet once again in person (though only once a month)! However, we have laid out some regulations for how they must be organized. No meeting can begin until all of the members of the club present have taken a rapid COVID test and have all come back negative. The tests must be provided by the club, which should be handled by the treasurer of the club, which for the most part has never really had a purpose beforehand. Fundraisers can be done to pay for these tests, but if there are bake sales, there are more specific rules they must heed to. Cookies and muffins are allowed, but cupcakes or anything else with frosting are forbidden. Anything with nuts is not allowed unless they are almonds. Furthermore, anyone eating at the bake sale must sign a written statement that says they are aware of the risk they are making by eating at the bake sale and they will not hold the club responsible if they test positive for COVID. Of course, clubs can still be done remotely if heeding to these rules prove to be too difficult. These are the rules, regulations, and options to keep in mind for the full in-person model coming soon. If there are any questions, please relay them to Questions cannot exceed more than 100 characters, or else they must be entered through We are excited to have your children in soon!