Ariana’s Newest Ring


American singer, Ariana Grande, is engaged! On December 20, 2020, she announced her engagement to former boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, on Instagram. The two have reportedly been dating for a year, and many are wondering if it’s too fast to be engaged. Although there are many people congratulating the happy couple, ELLE magazine states that some of Grande’s friends are a bit worried. A source says that her “friends think the engagement was somewhat rushed and are skeptical that the relationship will ultimately be short lived.” This makes sense as this isn’t Grande’s first engagement. She was previously engaged to Pete Davidson after dating for a few weeks, but it ended five months later. So, does the amount of time you’ve dated affect the success of your engagement and marriage? Let’s see.

According to The Cut, there are many studies that have found that “a longer romance before marriage is linked to higher marital satisfaction and lower risk of divorce.” A 2015 study in the journal Economic Inquiry “found that couples who dated for one to two years were 20 percent less likely to later get a divorce than those who dated less than a year, and couples who dated for three years or longer were 39 percent less likely.” This is a reasonable conclusion since evidence shows that longer relationships allow couples to get to know each other better, and down the road, deal-breakers may appear; however, there seems to also be a maximum time on how long you should date before marriage. 

Based on a 2002 study, “over two years seemed to be the sweet spot that led to the most stable unions.” A sociology professor, Arielle Kuperberg, also points out that “couples that take a very long time to decide to marry may be hesitating for a good reason, or feel pressured to enter marriage with someone they aren’t entirely compatible with because they have been dating for so long.” Nevertheless, it all comes down to the couple itself because there are many couples out there that are still married after dating for a short or long period of time. But, what makes a marriage strong enough to last?

BRIDES magazine claims that a solid marriage consists of mature conflict resolution, shared interests and values, similar financial goals, a healthy and active sex life, and balance between work and family. It seems that if you and your partner can check off all these things no matter the amount of time you’ve dated, your marriage has a greater chance of lasting. But, at the end of the day, it comes down to what the two of you think. As long as you and your partner are fully committed in the relationship, you should only feel obligated to listen to yourself.