Ratatouille: A TikTok Musical



TikTok has made a big impact on the world recently.  Many people started using the app as a way to communicate during the pandemic.  As people were bored, they started entertaining themselves by watching and making short videos, known as TikToks.

Ratatouille is a 2007 Pixar animated movie about a rat who wanted to be a chef.  This story of a rat being able to cook was a big movie at the time for kids.  People were inspired by the quote, “Anyone can cook.”

This movie came out 13 years ago, yet it has become a big phenomenon today.  The TikTok user @e_jaccs makes short, funny songs about Disney characters.  Back on August 10, she made one of these videos about Remy, the rat in Ratatouille.  During this month, everyone was at home and people were bored, so once they saw this, they repeated it on TikTok. 

Since that first video, people have made all new edits and videos that have had over 190 million views.  Some people have created dance routines for these songs like @tristanmichaelmcintyre.  The majority of TikTok users sing songs that they have written themselves.  People are also dressing up as if they are in a musical.  These people include not only teens but also adults of all ages.  Additionally, people have re-edited scenes from the original movie.  Some people like @irishbirdy designed sets as if the Ratatouille musical is really coming to a theater.  @diybri even created a fake Playbill of the imagined musical.  People like @ardellyfoshelly and @morgainemade are designing costumes and makeup.  @bakingthursdays even baked a Ratatouille cake.

Many people have joined together to turn Ratatouille into a musical.  However, this collaboration may be deeper than just about making a musical.  These people on TikTok were bored because they were stuck at home during the pandemic, so they communicated with each other through these songs.  They created an amazing experience with all of these videos.  If you go on TikTok and type in #RatatouilleMusical, you can see all these edits made together by people while they were socially distanced from each other.  It may also bring joy to know that, while we are all trapped at home, we can still communicate with other people, whether they are our friends or complete strangers, and create something together.  TikTok has expanded communication with others around the world more than ever before.  If Disney decides to actually make Ratatouille into a musical, then all of these people on TikTok helped to make something come true by doing it themselves.  Just like anyone can cook, anyone can make a musical.