Libby’s Coffee Lounge

An Inside Look of Libby’s Coffee Lounge

All of high school, my friends and I so greatly wanted a place to be able to hang out after school, do our homework, and relax somewhere other than our houses. Somewhere that wasn’t a restaurant or diner, but a place that’s more casual, that you can have some coffee and socialize. Now Yorktown finally has that! Libby’s Coffee Lounge has just recently opened up in the middle of town on 1877 Commerce Street. They sell any coffee you would like, from a hot americano to a cold iced caramel latte. They also have many options for food. If you prefer something lighter, they have muffins, cookies, and croissants. If you have a bigger appetite, there are different kinds of paninis you can order. Libby’s also now has açaí bowls with any toppings you desire, from different kinds of fruit to nutella or peanut butter! It is very spacious inside, with plenty of room to sit and enjoy your food and coffee, as well as space to even bring a laptop or your homework. If you prefer to sit outside, you can do that as well; there are a couple tables set up. My friends and I go fairly often and every time we go, the staff is warm and friendly and everything we order is great. You can stay as long as you desire and you never feel unwanted. Their hours are from 9 am to 6 pm.

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Libby’s never disappoints, and I highly recommend everyone tries it out. Yorktown has waited a long time for a new coffee shop and we finally got it!