FangLin Yuan

"I started art at the age of 4, my family put me into a class for traditional Chinese painting, and that’s where my journey began. I quickly fell in love with drawing and painting and I’ve continued since then. But the first time I started to touch other art forms wasn’t until I moved here in New York, I started to learn about oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, etc. What fascinated me about art is that it’s a world of imagination, you can turn a white piece of paper into a representation of your thoughts. And I truly enjoy the process of making such magic happen." -Fanglin Yuan


1. Fright

This is made mostly with oil painting, but with some rock to show the roughness of the elephant skin. The idea was to show a contrast of nature, where the young tigers were frightened by a pass by elephant, reversed the food chain nature.

2. Untitled

This painting is made with acrylic paint with oil painting. It combined the sides of human nature, one is evil, one is innocent. It’s upon us to choose with side we want to follow.

3. Unwrapped Painting

This is drawn with acrylic paint. I thought it was a fun piece that combined both the famous van Gogh portrait with modern art ideas. It shared some sense of mystery with the bottom half covered with bubble wraps and tape.

4. Redemption

This piece is made using pyrography, which in order words, wood burning. Each burning mark represents the rough times one has been through.


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