What Does a Yorktown Trader Joe’s Mean?



It’s not set in stone yet, but signs seem to show that Trader Joe’s is coming to Yorktown. The empty plot of land adjacent to Lowe’s was announced by the town to be inhabited by a “specialty grocer.” People’s minds ran wild until a planning board document was found to mention “Trader Joe’s” multiple times in relation to the piece of land. This may seem to be trivial, but this can end up being a pretty big deal for the town. There are some good reasons for people to be happy about Trader Joe’s moving into town. Here are a few.

Turkey & Stuffing Seasoned Chips

It’s too bad the store hasn’t been around in time for Thanksgiving this year, but this unique item may be worth the year’s wait. There are plenty of fall-flavored foods, but few other stores seemed to have taken a shot at autumn-type potato chips. This might seem to be a little crazy, but there isn’t much to lose. A bag of them will only set you back $2. Plus, they’re kettle cooked, which is what sets apart good chips from great ones. They’re only available around this time of year, but someone who would willingly eat these in July is probably not okay.

Philly Cheesesteak Bao Buns

This is the only time you will see Pennsylvania and Asia in the same sentence. One can easily write this off as insane, but take a second to visualise steak and cheese in a soft and thick noodle-type dough. While this may be something no one except for that one guy at Trader Joe’s HQ has thought of, it simply makes sense.

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Coconut Cream Lattes

There will be a Starbucks next door, but this could give them a run for their money. Sure, Trader Joe’s isn’t the kind of place where you stop by to pick up a drink, but this shows that the store has more to offer than just food. Like the others, this is a combination you won’t really see anywhere else. Yet unlike the others, it doesn’t sound crazy. A lot of Trader Joe’s food is quite daring and absolutely unordinary. For those who like to play it safe and not get too wild, this will work.

Brazilian-Style Cheese Bread

Another food that isn’t too daring is the cheese bread. The world already puts cheese of all sorts on bread of all sorts. Trader Joe’s cut out the middleman and did it for us. This isn’t fully unique, but it isn’t widely available either. The store’s cheese of choice for this endeavor is parmesan, nested inside bite-size balls of bread. This can work well as a snack or a full dinner if it’s one of those days.

Cheeseless Cheesecake

It’s vegan. It’s dairy-free. Yet best of all, it’s cheesecake. Never again will the lactose intolerants of Yorktown have to miss out on the fun. Them and vegans alike now have the ability to decide whether the calorific monstrosity of a dessert is worth the feeling of having your stomach weighed down to the floor.

Yellow Watermelon

In case you haven’t yet been convinced that Trader Joe’s really is a “specialty grocer”, there’s a surprise waiting for you after this melon is cut open. Supposedly, it is even sweeter than their red counterparts. Unfortunately, they are only available at certain stores, so one can only pray that these fruits, which are essentially giant mangos, can be bought in town.

Plant-based burgers, but only $5

Rumor has it that the Trader Joe’s edition tastes just like the Impossible Burger, but the price makes it a considerably better option. These patties cost less than plenty of other supermarket burgers made of legitimate beef. Rumor has it that they are made from plants found in the Lowe’s outdoor section.


Not every benefit to the new store involves food. For those looking to buy a car, help pay for gas, or just get some extra money for bills or college, Trader Joe’s may be able to help. An extra place in town to work is never a bad idea. If your interest lies in restocking yellow watermelons and cheesesteak bao buns, this store might be the place for you. According to Indeed, Trader Joe’s wages range anywhere from $12 to $30 an hour, making it a good option for a place to run some shifts after school.

Once again, there is no guarantee that Trader Joe’s is coming to Yorktown. Their website does not list the lot as a future site for a store yet. However, documents suggest that there will be one, it is just yet to be announced. The YHS opinions on it making an appearance is overwhelmingly positive. One student, 11th grader, Claire Ducey, said, “I think it will be a great addition to the town, taking it to a new level. This can really help the business in town flourish.” She brings up a good point as it is likely Yorktown will see some action from all over Northern Westchester and Putnam due to this store. However, another student, Eric Olson, truly encapsulated the town’s opinion of this exciting opportunity by saying “I need it, man.”