The Presidential Election

What YHS Students Had to Say About the Biggest Election of Our Lifetime

December 13, 2020

It is indisputable that a political and social divide has been deepening in our country, particularly during these last four years of a controversial presidency.  This year, Americans on both sides of the aisle turned out in record numbers to elect the next leader of our country.  Almost 160 million people voted, both in person and by mail, making this the highest voter turnout rate in over a century.  After days of counting ballots and heightened anxiety, the projected winner was finally announced: Joe Biden.

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As we do every election year, YHS held a mock election on November 3rd, a practice which has correctly predicted the presidential candidate since 2004.  Parallel to the national election, Biden won with a 56% – 44% lead over incumbent Donald Trump.

And just as this mock election proves to be representative of the real election, students’ feelings towards the candidates also seem to be representative of Americans in general — most either enthusiastically supported Trump or despised his leadership.  Both sides, however, were passionate in their reasoning and shared many common issues which they consider most important, including covid response, climate change, race, and the economy.  In a poll by The Voice, about 300 students voted for a certain candidate and 250 shared their reasoning.


Why I Choose Biden…

“200k deaths that’s why.”

“How someone can believe global warming is a hoax–when 97% of scientists know it to be fact–is beyond me. How someone can believe we’re “rounding the corner” with COVID when we’ve had more cases than any other country in the entire world is beyond me.”

“I don’t feel safe having Trump as a president.”

“Not only will Biden help the US with our environment, LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, POC rights, and police reform, but he’s also just a better person in general.  A vote for Biden is a vote for equality, love, and peace, and all I can do is hope that the people will see that.”

“The current president has expressed views that threaten my rights as a human being.”

“Joe Biden believes in science and uses scientists’ opinions and advice to make good decisions. We especially need to listen to science now more than ever, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change are neglected in this country. Also, Biden is pro-choice, which matters a lot to me.”

“We can not have someone like Trump run our nation. It scares me. We can not have someone who grew up and became successful through money and wealth. We need someone who has struggled and truly cares for our economy.”

“Trump has multiple rape allegations, and is extremely rude to women. Under his rule women’s rights will suffer. Joe Biden is not the ideal candidate but he is much better than Donald Trump.”

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Why I Choose Trump…

“People look over the good things he has done for the country and the media attacks every little bad thing he does when Trump sometimes takes responsibility.”

“Made the economy better, gots millions of people jobs, rebuilt the army, made peace with North Korea, highest employment rate especially amongst women. Protected the 1st and 2nd amendments, reduced illegal immigrants, supports the police, etc.”

“He wants the best for the American people and he’s done the most for ALL people. The best president the United States ever had.”

He will bring Patriotism back into this country where it belongs.  He is going to Make America Great Again, Again.”

“I would vote for Donald Trump because he gets things done and is being blamed for this pandemic when it was clearly not his fault. He needs to get the economy booming again.”

“He had already been in office and yes he did do some harm but he also did a lot of good stuff.”

“Donald Trump may say some stuff that comes off as not very good, but he has the best plans for the country that will benefit us and have benefited us in great ways.”

“I believe he will be the best for our country in the next four years. His agenda has things I support and believe in and some things I do not. Yeah he talks too much but he is 10000% better than Biden.”

“His policies are the best. He’s pro 2A, pro-life and is the best man for the economy.”

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