Class of 2021 Senior Wills

June 24, 2021

After one of the most crazy and unexpected senior years, it is finally time to say our goodbyes to Yorktown High school.  As we move on to the next chapter of our lives, we, the class of 2021, leave behind the following along with our legacy.


Sophia Altimari

I, Sophia Altimari, bequeath the keys to Jenny and the unofficial title as captain of the lacrosse team to my sister, Gianna. (still not over it). To Neyla Marie I leave my spaces in the rule book, use them wisely. Jack Murphy, I leave you our snap memories and golf cart driver’s ed, we don’t need another pond incident. To Giacomo Micciari I leave an all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas. Cindy Pennella, I leave you #24 so you better play lacrosse next year or this embarrassing. Brendan Capshaw, I leave you the ability to properly buckle ski boots so Andy won’t yell at you. Harry Griff, you will forever have my heart, so don’t forget me. And lastly, Aidan Boyle…here’s my snap @sophia.alti


Keith Boyer

I, Keith Boyer, bequeath the number 13 for lacrosse to Chris Constantine, continue the tradition big guy. To Vito DeBellis, I bequeath my two functional shoulders and the number 12 for football, tear it up. To Erin McCarthy, I bequeath you the ability to be quiet and Giacomo Micciari, I am so sorry. To Alex Scialdone and Charlotte Constantine, I bequeath you my math skills and better grades. To Dino Bowen, I bequeath you feet, snapping lessons, and “argh argh”. To Justin Meyerles, I bequeath you first place and pace setter on the endline. To the Wise Man, I bequeath you all the knowledge in the world. To Giacomo Micciari, I bequeath you my swag, a better haircut, the art of snapchat.


Jacqueline Cane

I, Jackie Cane, bequeath #13 to Shannon Appelle, make me proud. I bequeath Allison Torres a legendary senior season and some chill for all the bad calls. I bequeath Lauren Strauss a perfect, stress-free senior night. I bequeath Mandy Mulaj a new variety pack of cards against humanity. I bequeath Julia Sateriale Friday nights open for Sean Williams. I leave the Dodo instagram account to Lauren Strauss and Miranda Mulaj – Dodo out. I bequeath Nikki DeBellis a new hype partner and some twin snakes for gameday. I bequeath Reileigh McEnroe the ugly draw stick. Lastly, I bequeath Kaitlin Reagan everything else.


Jack Capellini

I, Jack Capellini, hope that you form great relationships with your teachers just like I did throughout my time in high school.


Anthony Cicinelli

I, Anthony Cicinelli, bequeath #3 to Giacomo Micciari, keep the L3GACY alive chosen one. I bequeath Vito Debellis the power of the thick thighs and football pants that we all know are too small. I also bequeath Vito the sticker locker in the varsity locker room, hasn’t been put to use in years so please get her back in shape. I bequeath Alex Weismann great get-togethers in the basement and security guards for the off limit bathrooms, some people man. I bequeath Dion Brucaj endless Fortnite sessions and treadmill miles, keep that pace up guy. I bequeath Yippy Dicanio cutoffs and smallest man in the gym award, we all start somewhere Yip. I bequeath Dino Bowen backyard hoop sessions and most importantly, the AUX cord, keep it clean. I bequeath Jack Baker, Anthony Guglielmo and Sean Williams endless Jersey trips, cartons of Wawa Iced Tea and quik stop goods. I bequeath Vincent Cappelli towel scoops, carpet legs and blitz’s till our brains pour out of our helmets. Finally I bequeath my little brother Matthew Cicinelli 6 minute trips to school, nonstop shenanigans with Annette, and a bottomless box of Ramen Noodles, hold down the fort when I’m gone.



Jessica Deleski

I, Jessica Deleski, bequeath Dino Bowen the most sincere apology and I give Giacamo Micciari my heart.


David Dippolito

I, David Dippolito, bequeath ytownfut to Jack Prybylski. I bequeath my first touch to Peter Tinaj. I bequeath 10 to Chris Coppola, wear it proud kid. I bequeath my height and basketball ability to Eddie Brucaj. I bequeath Jake Levine’s bed to Jake Levine. I bequeath Dorchester to Jack Duncan. I bequeath the first spot in the clot to anyone but Eddie Schlutter. I bequeath the Saltini Dumpini to Gianna Altimari. I bequeath having emotions to Katie Taormina. I bequeath the ability to see over the wheel to Claudia Fraioli. I bequeath The Crop to Jack “Shiesty” Murphy, Jack Moe Micciari and George Pop, make the crop great again. I bequeath my heart along with everything else to Ella Meilman.


Rebecca Donnelly

I, Rebecca Donnelly, bequeath Hailee Carter my future physical therapist skills for her injuries. I also bequeath the YHS DCO pointe dance to Sarah Yaniv, who I know will continue to amaze me. Finally, to Athena Holman, I give my knowledge in AP chemistry and passenger seat of my Subaru Impreza, with many car rides in our future. Finally, I bequeath plane tickets for all of you to visit me in Tampa because I will miss you so much.


Marie Ducey

I, Marie Ducey, bequeath Carly Besselman-Goldes my new best friend, Sarah Kidwai, because if she can’t have me anymore, at least she’ll have you to settle for. I’d also like to give you my beloved pack of Ritz crackers to eat during your frees because they are the perfect snack for everything, trust me. To Devin Besselman-Goldes, I give you a lifetime supply of Briller YouTube videos because no one else can so eloquently explain Italian culture like he does. I trust you’ll get through Italian class next year with him by your side. To Eilish Buckley, I bequeath you the baton from our 4×8 relay. I also give you the authority to lead stretches next year – I expect you to be as loud as humanly possible when yelling them out. To Grace McClay, I bequeath you a copyright patent on the way you say my name and allergy medicine so that you hopefully don’t sneeze on anyone else’s baton like you did ours. And, finally, to Claire Ducey, I bequeath you our cat, Pudgie. Don’t let her eat too many Munchies.


William Embury

I, Will Embury, bequeath first and foremost #3 to Liam Marr. May he have much success and score many goals wearing it (with the leg sleeve, eyeblack and fist-bumps of course). I bequeath my seat at Dante’s to James Solazzo and Liam Marr (#Shmantes). I also give my good looks and charm to Jack Duncan who was my personal chauffeur during lacrosse season. I bequeath personal baking classes to our lacrosse managers Kayla Crecco and Lauren Carlin, who I know will learn and master the chocolate chip cookie. To Devan Carney, I leave dangles at practice and Butler game winners. To Harry Griff, I leave my speed and left hand (use them well). To Ryan Cane, I leave my height (6ft8in). To Anthony Guglielmo, I leave AP Gov to you. To the Weissman brothers, I bequeath your house to be the site of many “events” for years to come (aka lax house). To Chris Constantine, I leave pregame Twitter videos and ability to throw the best Rusty Gate check. I leave 2 baconators with extra cheese and extra bacon to Jack Baker. I leave my painting abilities to Ryan Banks (aka Picasso) and the endless Bass Pro Shops hats to Sava Makarenko (#Sponsored). I leave my Sea of Thieves ability to Chris Buckenberger and my fortnite skills to Liam Marr (#Pushmyoneby). I return the crown to my cousin Richie G, I’ve used it well and it’s time for it to return to its rightful owner (#Doyo #UrBurr). I give much gratitude to my teachers, coaches, and family. To my brothers, thanks for teaching me literally everything, it’s been a fun ride at the Y and it’s time to make more memories together. To all my teammates on the 2021 Yorktown Varsity Lacrosse Team, wishing you the best of luck in the future, it’s been a blast. Last but not least, I leave the chance to win many more state championships to all the future Yorktown Lacrosse Players. The Embury Trio will be watching…….. #3 out.


Albert Esposito

I, Albert Esposito, bequeath the big Dish 6-0. I know you gunna do me well wearing it. To my son Dino, I love u, I bequeath the mile running club to u, slow and steady baby. Cappy Keep the boys in line and go get that chip for the keds. Lily ostrich you get absolutely nothing your the worst ever. Erin Da Baby I bequeath you Matt Cic go Harass him now. Ava I bequeath you a venti pink drink with vanilla extra and sweet cream cold foam. Jack Moe I bequeath you CTE, take many Advil. Robby Bobby I bequeath you smelling salts, make sure the boys are ready. Ms Carl I bequeath you my heart for life, and Only Girl (in the world). Lastly I bequeath Meyreles Drill, axe, and viper. Tear it up next year kid.


Nicholas Filippone

I, Nicholas Filippone, bequeath my seat on the bus, the Pokemon Go route, the tackle football game to 100, the epic ping pong tournaments, our deck battles, mans weekend, and the highest IQ to my cousin, Thomas Mitchell. Make sure you continue to dominate Gianna in bounce ball while the dream team is split up. Also continue to walk and play with Cooper because we know Gianna won’t do it.  To my cousin Gianna Mitchell, now that I’ll be gone, you don’t have to make up excuses to not play volleyball with me. I was always better at volleyball than you so now that I’m leaving Thomas gets the #1 ranking in our family; I’ll make sure to go to your Varsity games though! Sit with Daniella on the bus and guide her through high school or she’ll probably run away. We have too many memories to list so just remind Cooper about me.  To my sister Daniella Filippone, high school is so much fun and you’re going to have the best time of your life. I leave behind my legacy of being a good student so no teacher will have a negative connotation with our last name. There’s nothing to worry about because everything will work out in the end! Take care of Peter and Matthew while I’m gone and play lots of Minecraft. Never forget Cooper SMP and all the memories within it. Don’t be beyed and be sure to visit Cooper everyday like I did.


Grace Flandreau

I, Grace Flandreau, bequeath a bus pass to Lucas Flandreau since I will no longer be able to drive him everywhere. I will also like to give Belle Raffa and Sophia Primiani an actual senior recital, hopefully something where they won’t have to dress up as bugs. To Lucas Sanchez and Katie Lombardo, I bequeath DCO East Coast and the amazing costumes that always come with that dance.


Rebecca Gerdis

I, Rebecca Gerdis, bequeath cinnamon french toast and chem naps to Emilia Palumbo.  I leave a scissor to diy your tennis skirt and cheese to Angie Carrillo.  To Sam Rodriguez, I leave you first singles and the entire U.S. government.  I bequeath the new freshmen to Scarlett Segal and Izzy McCoy, and bus snack duties to Kat Kleindshmidt and Jess Amado.


Pamela Giannopoulos

I, Pamela Giannopoulos, bequeath locker 2079 to anyone who is able to reach the top shelf without struggling & all the granola cups with chocolate chips from the cafeteria to someone who loves them more than me.


Kayla Girdauskas

I, Kayla Girdauskas, bequeath many family parties, SAFE fireworks, my love for Harry Styles and a whole lot of guac to Jillian and Nicole Monaco. Regan Mooney, you get Mrs Pomilla, take good care of her for me… you also get endless amounts of 3am rants and tiktoks. Oh, and a new elbow.. Next, I bequeath Patrick Burke, homework answers and all of my issues that no one cares about to Dillon Carter. To Bella Torres, I felt it would only be right if you got Tlew, and a DNA test with yours truly because I swear we’re related. Lastly, I bequeath my obsession with Olivia Rodrigo, a stash of apple juice and lots of Nonna’s pasta to Ari Coleman.


Maya Glynn

To Katie Taormina I bequeath keith and me being a very bad influence on you AND the ability to fall in love with your guy best friend … with that being said, to Dylan Delvecchio I bequeath Katie Taormina.  To Vito Debellis I bequeath my never-ending love please don’t forget about me.  To Dino Bowen I bequeath sophomore year – I am sorry and I miss you.  To Claudia Fraoli i bequeath you’re 2 favorite people aka crybaby and chest – think hard about this and you will understand.  To Hailey Moran I bequeath the one time my dog threw up on my bed and you were on the phone, our many sketchy encounters and lots and lots of Starbucks trips.  To Jeffrey Konis I bequeath a break from my problems (because you’ve heard them the past 4 years).  To Giacamo Micciari I bequeath the back of your brothers car that one night, sneaky links, and freestyle raps.  To literally ANY kid named Dean i bequeath Lily Taormina please add her on snap literally hit her up @lilytaormina she is literally so down bad.  To Sam Rod I bequeath Gianni, David, and mystery of love (you are my favorite forever).  To Denisa Lajqi i bequeath the time we went to california and lived it to the max, concrete floor, and donika (the one who must not be named).  To Erin Mccarthy i bequeath some brain cells.  To Emma Stens I bequeath sunset street, finstas and rips.  To Alexa Trabold I bequeath my dear friend Vanesas inhaler, Snapchat’s to Jessie.  To Gerti I bequeath Jenna Rabadi.  To Emily Piehler I bequeath absolutely nothing except the quarantine fortnite days … I’m really sorry for kicking you off.  To Alexa Trabold i bequeath the aroused Congress that votes war on japs.  To Katie Corrigan I bequeath sam, princess and evan makar.  To Jack Baker I bequeath my little sister Jane, take good care of her pls.  To Jack Carlin I bequeath a smile.  To Jason Ofrias I bequeath Allie Silverman.  To Jack Duncan I bequeath a buttered roll <3.  To Cheeno I bequeath awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, biting teeth, teething puppy.  To Alyssa Pugliese I bequeath the planets, take care of them.  To Robert Cermele i bequeath the one time you beat jessie lily and i to death.  To Alex Weismann I bequeath what could’ve been – thank you for the invite.  To Ava Morabito I bequeath Chloe Weiner, streaks and snaps to ciara.  To Nicole Monaco I bequeath knee high socks, happy birthday and a little sprinkle of keith (I get to leave keith to people I have the power).  To Lauren Carlin I bequeath Ryan O’Connor and orange pepper zest.  To Matt Cicinelli I bequeath night lights.  To Thomas Costello I bequeath Olivia Waschenko. She loves you so so much.  To Emma Orlando l bequeath laughs in the backseat of my car, bobos runs, and Dlos parties and many inside jokes.  To Noelle Smith I bequeath my accidental words, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean it.


Avery Hanson

I, Avery Hanson bequeath to Erik Hanson my normal freshman high school experience and the burden of continuing the Envirothon legacy, you better start studying for soils. I leave our parents high expectations and the morning rush to catch the bus to Jane Hanson. To Sydney Leitner I give all the miles I skipped in track practice and my amazing running ability, since you clearly need it. To the girls in ysgvsd I give after practice YPP runs, dynamic warmups, and the freezing pool where covid originated. Please beat another R. Grove record. To Sean and Michael Ryan I leave 4’6, I swear I can still do it. The crusty high jump bungee goes to Grace McClay and Jillian Benfante, use it to go over 5 feet next year. To Claire Ducey I leave gossiping on the red wagon and criticizing better jumpers. To Jordan Caddauan I give studying during gym and my frantic texts asking for the notes.


Lauren Kitts

I, Lauren Kitts, bequeath YVGT’s legacy to Angie Carillo, Emilia Palumbo, and Sam Rodriguez. I bequeath the stump to Angie Carillo, the Club Fit hall bathroom to Emilia Palumbo, Mr. Konis to Sam Rodriguez, my favorite public park to Sophia Maltzman, Sophia Maltzman to Kat Kleinschmidt, and the superior spinny chair in 157 to Spencer Kitts.


Jacqueline Knoesel

I, Jacqueline Knoesel, bequeath Allison Torres YGVB floor captain, Lauren Strauss my libero jersey #22, Julia Sateriale skipping team dinners , Miranda Mulaj cards against humanity and throwing the best team dinners, the Dodo account to anyone who helps me remember the password, Maddy Chen the best passing form, Shannon Appelle the Ardsley bathroom stall and garbage can, and of course Jack Carlin my heart.


Marco Landicino

I, Marco Landicino, bequeath the #8 in soccer to the one the only Lucas Buono. I bequeath Giacomo Micciari the #6 and the ked a mine, use it wisely. I bequeath the reins of the SSDMs to Justin Meyerles, control Sava for me. I bequeath to Chris Constantine the power of being the wisest tutor in the land. I bequeath the keys to the Science Research Program to Charlotte Constantine, don’t let me down. I bequeath to George Popovic the power over the youngins, take it easy on them. And finally, I bequeath the front spot in the c-lot to Dino Bowen, not you Shluter.


Chris Lombardi

I, Chris Lombardi, bequeath Squid to Drew Edelman. Please don’t make him cry the first day.


Jenna Mastro

I, Jenna Mastro, bequeath to Olivia Salveggi the Presidency of YHS Dance Company. To Oliva Salveggi and Jayden Hernandez, I bequeath to you senior dance. To Ella Cariello, I leave you my endless supply of choreography ideas, my FRIENDS obsession and my “talent” in the kitchen.  To Sarah Yaniv and Carly McGirr I bequeath the title of tap queens. To Carly McGirr I also bequeath my character shoes, caesar salad and goldfish. To Meghan Stewart I bequeath all my Bollywood skills and Carly McGirr.


Hannah McGovern

I, Hannah McGovern, first off, bequeath my car and Old Logging Road to my brother, Matthew. Take good care of the Subaru, you’ll need it living in the middle of nowhere and not having me to drive you everywhere. You better miss our morning car rides. Next, I bequeath endless bus rap battles to Christine Aery. Even though they were banned, the legacy must continue…or just graduate with us.  We need our last rematch. I will also pass down knee pads for rollerblading next year, good luck with dry land and the underclassmen, you’ll need it. Following that, I bequeath Reilly Doller Coach Nufer. Don’t take too long on the bus next year and hopefully you’ll be able to hold the drill. To all the underclassmen on ski team, don’t let it die. These past 5 years were something different and it must live on. Katey Imperato, I leave you endless playdates with Luna and Koda. To Matthew McGovern, Ryan Tomeny, and Lucas Buono, I bequeath the “og” friendship of your sisters. Carry on the legacy the next two years. To Kaity Tomeny, please don’t miss me too much. I bequeath you endless morning Dunkin runs, advice in cars, driving our brothers, and being able to walk in the clot. I’m going to miss you so much not being just a drive down the road so if you don’t visit me I’ll cry so come visit please


Paige Melagrano

I, Paige Melagrano, bequeath all my love to YGVB. Please win it all like we were supposed to this year. I also leave you a new right side gang. I ask that you properly fill the shoes of Vanesa, Jenna and I. To Lauren Strauss I leave my car. We both know yours is gonna die the day you get your license. I also leave you endless rides to school and volleyball practice and blasting TATI on the way to games, I’ll miss those rides the most. Lastly, I bequeath to you a new pepper partner, although I don’t think anyone can beat our pregame peppers. I bequeath Lauren Strauss to Allison Torres. Please take good care of eachother. To Miranda Mulaj I leave an endless supply of dark humor, but I think you already have that. I bequeath early morning lax workouts at Athletes Warehouse to Bella Torres and Noelle Smith, thank you for making it bearable. To Nikki DeBellis I leave the name Nicolette, since the first words I said to you were “I think it’s so funny that they call you that”. I also leave you my spot on the bench during lacrosse games, I’ll miss our conversations dearly. I bequeath Nikki DeBellis to Vito DeBellis. I’m not sure if you even knew me and Nikki were friends, but please watch over her for me. Ship her to Cortland if necessary. To Sam Rodriguez, Emily Piehler, Hailey Moran and Holly Raniolo I bequeath shifts at Wilkens, take good care of the donut machines for me. To Sam Longo I leave everything we love about physics. Scratch that because that would be nothing. I leave you the ability to say Coulumb. I bequeath the brown drinking water at camp, Hirame, tik tok mac and cheese and all the jobs we worked together to Hailey Moran. Please never forget our memories at camp. To Ryan Cane I bequeath my seat at the iconic Cane Mexican takeout family dinners. Eat an extra taco for me. Lastly, to Robert Cermele I leave a snapchat (sorry for not keeping the streak) and, of course, my heart. Please don’t break it.


Katherine Mooney

I, Katherine Mooney, bequeath my strongest sunblock and corniest puns to Eilish Buckley (you’re gonna need it during cross country season), and I bequeath my ability to run to Lindsay Daubman (so you can do track again next year lol).


Vanesa Mulaj

I, Vanesa Mulaj, bequeath to Miranda Mulaj, afterschool starbucks runs, the grilled cheeses, all of my volleyball tears, my spot of being the favorite daughter, even though we know I will always be the favorite, the last avocado, a life jacket for all your reckless behavior, endless car rides with Dilen, my crazy energy, my hoodies that you will most likely take and lastly the the famous bench jersey, number #17, wear it well, please and thank you. To Andina Pepshi, I leave you mantitas, constant husband conversations, my love for Brian N., queen jokes, and my parking spot at the office (i don’t even know which spot it is lol). To Artesa Gashi, I leave you many hallway hellos, boba tea, and of course, our singular 12am rocky’s run, which was my one and only one. To Blera Gashi, I leave you everything in my life. To the class of 2025,  I leave you my 6th grade bermuda shorts and my awesome turtle necks. Thanks for giving YHS a dress code! To Emma Stensrud, I leave you orange sodas. To Alyssa Pugliese, I leave you the better brownie baker and the best O2 pepper partner at practice. Thanks for peppering with me. To YGVB, I leave you my soul. I also leave my gamepoint subs because those are just the best ever. I also leave bright green jumpsuits, many games of cards against humanity, my favorite poop jokes, tons of penne alla vodka, my love for string bean, the song Friday Night, neon green and blue water guns, and lastly my hatred for short ball serves. Win the section for the seniors since we couldn’t do it. Love you all forever. Oh and I also leave my amazing bark/cough to YGVB, please dont forget it. To Lauren Staruss, I leave you allie’s megaphone, many crazy oxygen practices, rice krispies, tournament dinners, hen hud tears, milkshakes, and last but not least the nickname Loli Flow, rep it well. To Allison Torres, I leave you my hatred for massive trucks, my speeding skills, Nadines, being the better blocker, my weird music taste and lastly my insane screams. Also take good care of my sister, she’s gonna need someone that is as crazy as her. To Sam Longo, I leave you a singular chicken nugget and our talks about you know who. To Erisa Krasniqi, I leave you the amazing caesar salad avocado pizza that you invented. Thanks so much for that. To Marco Jovicevic and Eddie Brucaj, I leave you many pre-volleyball conversations with Nardone. Those were the best pep talks. To Julia Saterile, I leave you senior night, oxygen practices, gamepoint subs, the nickname JUJ, and lastly being my favorite person ever. To Shannon Appell, I leave you the right side and all of the confusing plays that come along with it. I also leave you the first spot in hitting lines. And all of our rightside memories. To Maddie Chen, I leave you a big stack of cards against humanity cards. To Valentina Nezaj, I leave you the yorktown volleyball clinics and my hyperness. Please keep playing volleyball and have fun doing it. To Jack Murphy, I leave you Mr.Barry. To Claudia Fraoli, I leave you many tennis balls. To Emily Piehler, Katie Corrigan, and Hailey Moran, I leave you many hacienda drives and gossip sessions in the crop. To Zoe Pearce, I leave you my love for Khalid and tons of mcdonalds chicken nuggets. To Katie Taormina, I leave you Miranda as your driver for school next year. To Sava Makarenko and Johnny Livadhi, I leave you both the key to my heart. Thanks for blessing YHS with the best mullets. Lastly to YHS, I leave you all my love and a huge thank you to everyone who made it the best four years of my life.


McKayla Murphy

I, McKayla Murphy, bequeath the Murphy legacy to Jack Murphy don’t mess it up I also leave you the keys to Deb The Mom, please don’t crash her. I leave to Gianna Altimari the pretty sister title… live up to it. I leave my perfect swim attendence to Charlette Constantine, no excuses this year make sure you’re always on time, I also leave you daily coffee runs and rides home. To Jessica Austin, I leave you my captin title. To Michael Emerson I leave you HIPSSSS and Sunday Scaries. To Jack Murphy and Michael Emerson I leave SHAKES and ant eating (iykyk). I leave Denisa Lajqi rocks, twigs sticks, branches… just the woods in general lol. I leave Chris Constantantine the right to insult your sister whenever she needs to be humbled… so all the time. I leave Conor Duncan THE Ginger title. I leave to Sean Williams the Sound of Music. I leave Jack Duncan my heart <3.  Lastly I leave Save Makarenko my snapchat @mckayla_murphy


Molly O’Brien

I, Molly O’Brien bequeath the O’Brien legacy, Yorktown Girls Soccer, and the infamous Mercury Mariner to my sister, Ciara O’Brien. Make the Y proud kid. Also, drive safely… I next bequeath 7:30AM C-Lot hype ups, and being ginger, to Danielle Palmentiero. Sarah Yakout and Cindy Pennella, I bequeath to you Senora DiMucci. Take care of her para mi. Furthermore, Sasha Soc and Alyssa Bruno, I bequeath you Mrs. Rowley. My chemist queen. I bequeath the widely coveted title, President of Knitting Club, to Zak Osman and I have no further comment about that. Lastly, to the class of ‘22, ‘23, and ‘24, bequeathed to you is another shot at a normal year of high school. Don’t take any of it for granted.


Elaina Ornstein

I, Elaina Ornstein, bequeath Charlotte Constantine a cooler full of unlimited water and lunches, and my walk up song. Emily Piehler long car rides in the rain and the sparkle lake playground. Olivia Salveggi lots of Chipotle, your own private bathroom and baseball boys. Hailey Moran, my signature dance move and Sean Kingston. Maya Servidio a book about Helen Keller. Adrianna Albano, my chocolate chip cookies, not my moms. Bre Vo, Kelly Jennings, Sam Longo, and Lauren Strauss an amazing senior year.


Abby Passarella

I, Abby Passarella, bequeath my sister Ali Passarella all of the junk food in the house, my clothes and blow dryer, trips to Level, all of my guy friends and the forbidden fomaggio. Claudia Fraioli and Hailey Moran I leave you my A+ math skills. I hope they get you 100s in calc. Katie Corrigan, may the memories in your basement live on FOREVER!!! Gianna Altimari, you are just so nice and funny, I leave you my hustle. I bequeath my love for sushi and Spencer Norris to Alex Scialdone. I leave Justin Meyreles to Nicole Boccia – he’s all yours now. To Eliza Hax, I leave you the VC bond that started our friendship. Liza I leave you my heart and soul – you a real one. To Madi Tobin I leave you my love for younger boys. Jake Levine – you deserve the world but I can only leave you London Woods. To Zoe Pearce, I leave you doordash and unlimited cookies from McDonalds. Please can you and Ali keep the insane Pearce-Passarella dynamic duo of a friendship alive while me and Grace are gone. I think it goes without saying that I leave Sam Rod David Djonovic. To Laya Mirkin, I am leaving you my role of being the JAP of the grade – stay reppin. To Stephen Haglund I leave my love for game pigeon and one epic dumpa. Bella Torres I bequeath you yellow fingers and our cheers on the YGLAX bench. Ang Carrillo, I leave you the national holiday that is March 2. I leave endless nights on fortnite during quarantine to Hailey Moran. Emily Piehler I leave you all the Honda CRVs on the planet. Nikki DeBellis you’re so cute. I leave you my curly hair. I guess Giacomo can have the rest.


Grace Pearce

I, Grace Pearce, bequeath to Zoe Pearce, my bed and my closet, all my squishmallows, “Beat It”, imaginary mocha, the Euro market, lucky charms,  and the farm…behave for mom and dad. I bequeath to Emma Stens, all of my horoscope apps, derek marcus, and my finsta polls. To Miranda Mulaj, I leave you my Target obsession…please spend your money wisely.  To Claudia Fraioli, I bequeath to you my paragraph skills. To Jules Vano, I leave you #8. To Zak Osman I leave you my heart and mr. spo spo. Alyssa Pugliese, i give to u,  all the planets in the world…take care of them. I bequeath to Ciara Obrien, Zoran, the beach, blogs, and my goalie skills. Kisses. I give to Kaitlyn Reagan, all the crappy patty snacks and propel drinks. To Ali Passarella, i leave you scorpio superiority, my assassin guns, my sisters adhd meds , LBI boys, Whim, and sleepaway camp. To Dylan Delvecchio, I leave you my little sister. Because I didn’t have the chance…if you know what I mean. I bequeath a new haircut, fist pumps, and my car keys to Nikki Debellis . And to vito debellis i leave my basement and hugs. I bequeath to Layla Mirkin, strawberry açaí with cold foam. I’ll miss your laugh. To Alyssa lassen, I leave you the defensive line.  To Kaitlyn Reagan and Gianna Altimari, I leave you the rollercoaster. Make us proud. Bella Torres, I bequeath to you,  a ton of fruit and go team snaps. Reese Bruno, I leave you Zoe and all my love possible. Drita Tinaj and Gianna Popovic, I leave you the FaceTime app and my Greys Anatomy obsession. KJ, I leave you all my Harry Potter books and new shoe laces. I leave my favorite man and my comfy to Kaity Tomeny. To Giacomo Micciari, I don’t know what Im leaving you. All I know is that you better make me proud. Lastly, I leave my highschool bad luck behind. I’m sorry to the person who is the next victim.


Giovanna Phipps

I, Giovanna Phipps, bequeath Lauren Kitts to Luca Stanford (good luck kid). I bequeath boxed hair dye to Sophia Maltzman, Cinnamon French toast and Pep Rally to Emilia Palumbo (quit the team if u know whats good for you), ill fitting Nike Tennis Skirts, the Rocky’s side alley, and red pickup trucks to Angie Carrillo, AP Gov, my undying love for Seth Altman, and scav to Sam Rodriguez. I bequeath Sour Sketti, Kenneth Branagh, and Hemlock Hill Farm to Alice Tinari, all tenor parts, bobos, and my terrible driving skills to Aidan Murphy, my endless passion for Stephen Stills, hours upon hours of CSNY, and all 68 of my spotify playlists to Trevor Griffiths. I bequeath the cancelled disney trip to Jayden Hernandez, my taste in music and obsession with Joni Mitchell to Lucia Carucci, and the ability to name the next freshmen sla-ves to Scarlet Segal and Izzy Mccoy.


Tyler Pugliese

I, Tyler Pugliese, bequeath the Grey Goose aka “The Ladybug” to Alyssa Pugliese. Take good care of her. To Alyssa Pugliese, Katie Taormina, Jane Glynn, Zoe Pearce, Matt Cicinelli, and Ali Passerela, continue the legacy #X. I bequeath the speaker system and my Woo Walk to Joe Lupinacci. Pooh Shiesty that’s my dawg. To Jon Munoz, keep slaying kid. I bequeath “Than” to Ali Passerela, keep it going #abbythan #alithan. I bequeath a great American Classic in Charlotte’s Web to Stephen Haglund. To Nick Jacoby, I leave u with some legendary double celebrations. Make the pitcher ur baby. I bequeath the infamous “Rief Pack” to Jason Peragallo. Next question. I bequeath pulled pork sandwiches to Erin McCarthy. To Denisa Lajqi, I leave you with some driving lessons. You need them kid. I leave controversial poker nights to Robert Cermele, Dino Bowen and Giacomo Miccari. Keep the 7-2 off suite alive boys. To Olivia Salveggi, watch over Two-Time for me. Thanks. I bequeath The Tiktok Dances to Deanna Gentile. Always a vibe. And lastly, I leave the rest of Ytownbase with Sahquart. Forever in our hearts. Thanks YHS. It’s been real.


Faith Pyle

I, Faith Pyle, bequeath Aidan Murphy eating bliss before the musical, listening to the scientist, and staying home to watch Netflix. I bequeath Emma Smyth amazing weekends. I bequeath Collin Montesano Lana del Rey and being sarcastic non stop. I bequeath Rachel Parys dance company and choir. Don’t have too much fun without me. I bequeath Jayden Hernandez crying, anything Disney related, late night FaceTime calls, and more crying. I bequeath Aidan, Jayden, Alice, Trevor, and Tyler the musical. You guys are going to kill it next year! And last but not least I bequeath Alice Tinari trips to bobos, sleeping through school, drama club, hot tub nights, and jeep rides.


Jenna Rabadi

I, Jenna Rabadi, bequeath every single thing to giacomo. Your a sussy Baka let me tell you.


Brendan Regan

I, Brendan Regan, bequeath to Harry Griff, Prince Harry, the title of King Martin and the ability to lose as many balls as you want, it’s not my problem anymore.  You were a good prince, but now you’ll be an even greater king.  To Jack Duncan I bequeath Albany, car rides to Bliss, the promotion from freshman to sophomore, and the ability to eat gluten.  You’re still getting stuck with the balls next year though because you’ll always be a freshman in my eyes.  Also, don’t double line anyone on the way to bliss and make sure to have no gluten when you get there.  To both Duncan and Harry I bequeath the end of the endline, don’t let anyone else take that spot.  To Sava Makarenko aka Sava the Hut I bequeath number 17, wear it well and don’t break any bones with it please.  To Ryan Cane I bequeath Rocky’s runs.  It pains me to even mention your name, but I needed to give you the one thing you wouldn’t shut up about.  To Chris Constantine I bequeath big claves.  Don’t ever disrespect my calves again or we are fighting. To Ryan Cane, Chris Constantine, and Drew Weissman I bequeath the legacy of Freddie Mercury.  Drew is the best for knowing who he is, but Cane and Chris you two are unaccectable.  To Cane and Drew I bequeath many more pictures with the Murph Cup on the rock, but don’t drop it when climbing down.  To Jack Murphy, Sava Makarenko, and Anthony Guglielmo I bequeath nature walks and frog hunts.  May Prince Harry and Tommy D rest in peace.  Finally, to Mason Murphy I bequeath my sister, Kaitlin Regan.  With Matt and I both gone you have to look after her now, don’t be stupid.  Thank you Yorktown for all of memories you have given to me.


Emma Rubenstein

I, Emma Rubenstein, bequeath Secretary of Dance company to Ella Cariello. I give Broadway Jazz to Bella Raffa and Alyssa Bruno. I leave my Disney conversations, pins, and playlist to Jayden Hernandez. I leave my makeup/hair skills, and Grey’s Anatomy episodes to Meghan Stewart. I give my plethora of free periods to Travis LaPlaca. I leave my insane baseball skills and Starbucks coffee to Tommy Shkreli. Lastly, I bequeath my Yorktown Stage legacy to Carly McGirr, Kirsten Schmutzer, and Meghan Stewart.


Sarah Sachs

I, Sarah Sachs, bequeath my Simpsons Penny board to Ty Wingfield.  I bequeath Soupstone Meetings to Sophia Maltzman, Jenna Kaufman and Lucia Carucci.  I bequeath clarinet reeds to Ethan Grabowski and Kayla Howell.  I bequeath midday school facetime calls to Andrew Sachs.  I bequeath colored pencils, markers, friendship bracelets and hand turkeys to Maria Hogan.  I bequeath after school salsa trips and MGK jams to Matt Fuller.  I bequeath LBI Ketch songs to Leah Cinicolo.  I bequeath pregame hype ups to Marina Wheeler.



Michael Scanlan

I, Michael Scanlan, bequeath my smartness to everybody.


Allison Silverman

I, Allison Silverman, bequeath my rep as one of the only jewish girls in this town to the class of 2024 bc for some reason there are so many of you. to lauren strauss, i leave all the little details of ygvb (we know your mom is on top of it). i also leave you my mom to check in on because we know her life will be boring without me. to miranda mulaj, i bequeath all of my younger boys so we can continue to share our boy drama. i also leave you my seat on the bus (2nd to last on the left) make me proud on aux.  to jason ofrias, i leave you my heart, let’s hangout when i’m home. to ryan cane, i bequeath the clemson hat i bought for your sister because we both know that was intended for you. to allison torres, i leave hair braiding and rant sessions (you’ll need them next year). i expect big things from you and coach jackson. to michael emerson, i leave you my snap. we have never spoken but feel free to add me. to erin mccarthy, i bequeath annoying justin before practices. without the ygvb seniors he will have zero entertainment. to ava kaplan, i leave you a wrestling match for andrew’s heart (don’t worry even if i win you can keep him). to sean williams, i leave you julia. i am still unsure if me and her are friends but take care of her either way. to jack carlin, i leave you ygvb. there is no one better to look after my girls and i expect to see you at every game. to zoe pearce, i leave sketchy red candy. go somewhere red so i can send you some (preferably indiana). to shannon appelle, i leave you spencer norris. you are unfortunately both shy so someone’s gotta make the first move. to lily meisterich, i bequeath my car bc although you stand out with yours, orange is out. to ygvb, i leave my playlist. please connect before coach gets a chance. to james solazzo, i leave you the right to delete your private story. please. lastly, to bella torres, i leave you whatever you want. you are my favorite person in this school.


Lily Taormina

I, Lily Taormina, bequeath my clothes, my car, Spencer Norris, Griffin Garti, the ability to date Dylan Delvecchio and getting Starbucks everyday after school to Katie Taormina. I bequeath Katie Taormina to Dylan Delvecchio, can you guys just date? I bequeath bliss runs and driving around aimlessly to Bella Parodi and Kaitlin Regan. To Emma Stensrud, I bequeath the sard, you deserve it. I bequeath my hatred for ____ to Claudia Fraioli, keep it going strong. I bequeath driving my sister to school to Miranda Mulaj, good luck with her. I bequeath a date to Vito Debellis. To Denisa Lajqi, I bequeath your psycho sister and being my little spy. To Justin Meyreles, I bequeath Abby Passarella, sorry. I bequeath my ex boyfriend to Alexa Trabold. I bequeath squirrels to Jack Murphy. To Hailey Moran, I bequeath my shortness, hopefully no one is too mean to you about it. I bequeath the ability to one day be a big bad senior to Jason Ofrias. I bequeath a surprise to Giacomo Micciari, I know what you did. To Dino Bowen, I bequeath sophomore year and my friend Jessie Deleski. I bequeath Mr. Dennie to Gerti, thank you for doing better than me on all the tests even though you weren’t in the class. Lastly I bequeath my heart to Ryan Vogel.


Grace Tian

I, Grace Tian, bequeath to Fanglin Yuan my old viola, my randomness, and an infinite supply of sticks, dandelions, and microwaved water.


Alyssa Traola

I, Alyssa Traola, bequeath DCO hip hop to Nikki DeBellis, Liv Salveggi, and Maia Graf. To Sophia Primiani, I give a DCO ballet dance that does not come with tutus. To the DCO underclassmen, I give fully in-person slots and Friday night rehearsals. To Jayden Hernandez, I give Group 3. To the Yorktown Stage Just Dance underclassmen, I bequeath full dressing room privileges, a fixed dance recital date, and an actual finale.


Olivia Waschenko

I, Olivia Waschenko, bequeath bothering Tyler everyday, love for JimmyJets, my passion for volleyball and #5 to Alyssa Pugliese, rep it well. To YGVB, I leave you yelling “we want it” before Biggie Smalls, screaming “rock and roll” after each and every point, and of course being the best team in the section, I expect big things and I’ll be rooting you at each and every game. I bequeath my long arms, “tigger hops”, ten foot line kills, net calls, and superstitious game day braids to Allison Torres. To Lauren Strauss, I leave you perfect serve receive passes because we all know I’m the best passer YGVB has ever seen. I leave Dodo, the Yorktown Volleyball Unofficial Mascot, and his Instagram account to Allison Torres and Lauren Strauss, take good care of him. To Miranda Mulaj, I bequeath pregame Mima’s eats, Caesar Salad personal pizza, being Vanesa’s mother, and of course the nickname “Mandy”, never forget where you got it from. To Claudia Fraioli, I bequeath hour long facetime calls and love triangle drama, good luck with that. I bequeath Life360 circles, battery operated water guns, and dry texts to Emily Peihler.  To Hailey Moran, Emily Peihler, and Katie Corrigan, I bequeath assassin wild goose chases and long talks with my mom, she loves you guys the most. To Jack Carlin, I leave you Jackie Knoesel because she loves you more than volleyball, and that says a lot. I bequeath written score to Danielle Palmentiero, thanks for taking over when I needed the help. I bequeath the nickname “Shanny” to Shannon Appelle, never gonna call you anything else. I bequeath complimented last names to Julia Sateriale, had to look on your Instagram to see how to spell your last name lol. To Scarlet Segal, I bequeath saying hi everyday in the hallway between 4th and 5th period, gonna miss you, do big things for YGVB, you’ve got the best hands in Section 1. I bequeath my Snapchat username to Chris Buckenburger, even though I’ve never said a singular word to you in my life, please add me. To Helena Barletti, I leave you the one and only Rodger, he’s the best. To Nicole Boccia, I bequeath mobil runs every Friday and Saturday night, I always know what it’s about when you snap text me. To Dino Bowen, I leave you being your Mom, now your Ex-Mom, take good care of yourself. To Katie Taromina, I bequeath Keith Boyer and the ability to tower over Lily, keep growin and making her look like a midget pls. And lastly, I leave my heart to Mike Nardone, you’re my favorite person ever.


Ashley Zeolla

I, Ashley Zeolla, bequeath the basketball pregame speech to Melissa Severino, make me proud kid.


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