NFL Mock Draft

As April moves into full swing, so does the NFL Draft. The three-day event is the peak of football in spring, which doesn’t actually say much. However, it’s still exciting to watch, and even more exciting to predict. Therefore, without further ado, here is my mock draft for 2021.

NOTE: I will not be considering potential trades in this situation. Having said that, expect the Falcons, Bengals, Panthers, and Giants to possibly trade down.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence (QB)

This needs no explanation. Trevor Lawrence is a generational talent; one who has the capability of transforming an organization. Jacksonville could definitely use that right now. Do I feel bad that Garder Minshew is going to probably lose his job? Yes. But I’m sure even he understands.

  • New York Jets: Zach Wilson (QB)

The Jets should be mad with themselves that they messed up their opportunity at Trevor Lawrence, but that doesn’t mean their options are terrible. Zach Wilson is an incredible quarterback in many ways. With perfect size and impressive arm ability, he can thrive in New York if the right resources are available to him.

  • San Francisco 49ers: Justin Fields (QB)

Quarterback number three. Justin Fields will get to continue wearing red in California, with a solid team that could support him well. While Wilson and Lawrence are wildey considered to be better, Fields is still a very talented player that the well-run 49ers organization could utilize.

  • Atlanta Falcons: Klye Pitts (TE)

The Falcons could use another new quarterback, but they might as well wait until next year with the top three gone. Besides, Klye Pitts is someone you do NOT want to miss out on. Rarely do tight ends come along with such production, ability, and talent as him. With Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones around too, quarterback Matt Ryan may be able to lead a solid 2021 campaign.

  • Cincinnati Bengals: Penei Sewell (OL)

This is a great opportunity to grab another weapon for young quarterback Joe Burrow, but that shouldn’t be the Bengals’ first priority. Their offensive line is very bad, and needs some significant improvement. Penei Sewell, a record-breaking lineman who is only 20 years old, is perfect for the team’s situation. One can only imagine what he can become when his body finishes developing.

  • Miami Dolphins: Ja’Marr Chase (WR)

The first five picks of the draft aren’t very hard to predict, and that might be exactly how it goes. Though this is where it starts to get interesting. The Dolphins are still a developing team, and their next step should be to give their new quarterback Tua Tagovailoa some offensive help. Ja’Marr Chase is an absolutely insane receiver, carrying the full package for what a team would look for in such a player. It makes sense for Miami to grab him.

  • Detroit Lions: Jaylen Waddle (WR)

The Lions need a lot of help on their team, but especially on their offense. After losing talented receiver Kenny Golladay, the lack of offensive resources the team has at this point will make their freshly acquired quarterback almost destined to fail. In comes Jaylen Waddle. Between him and solid tight end T.J. Hockenson, the Lions offense may not be that bad.

  • Carolina Panthers: Patrick Surtain II (CB)

Two Alabama players in a row. Surtain can help the Panthers make some improvement on the defensive side of the ball. With solid showing in games and even better performance at his pro day, Carolina should feel good about picking him up.

  • Denver Broncos: Trey Lance (QB)

It’s time Denver finally admits they need a better quarterback. I mean no ill will to Drew Lock, but he just hasn’t proved he can lead the franchise to a bright future. Lance, however, looks like he can. An incredible player, he should be able to thrive in Denver.

  • Dallas Cowboys: Micah Parsons (LB)

The fact that Parsons, an absolutely amazing player, is available to the Cowboys in this situation is very lucky for them. A team whose defense could use some boosts, Parsons can definitely help. This is a pretty good win for the team.

  • New York Giants: Rashawn Slater (OL)

This might be a difficult decision for the Giants. Devonta Smith and all defensive lineman are still available, Slater may really be the way they want to go. Their repair of their O-line is far from done, after letting go solid guard Kevin Zeitler. Slater can fill this whole and may even end up better.

  • Philadelphia Eagles: DeVonta Smith (WR)

A Heisman Trophy winner at pick #12? Not bad. Smith was basically a human cheat code for Alabama this past season, and Philly is in desperate need of wide receivers. There’s not much of a reason that they shouldn’t pick him.

  • Los Angeles Chargers: Caleb Farley (CB)

Offensive line is also important, but Farley is hard to pass up on. The cornerback position is something the Chargers need to fix up as well, and this provides the perfect opportunity to do that.

  • Minnesota Vikings: Alijah Vera-Tucker (OL)

The Vikings could use O-line improvements at various positions, and Vera-Tucker is perfect for that. He excelled at tackle one year, was moved to guard, and excelled at that too. Regardless of where he’s put, he can serve as a big help.

  • New England Patriots: Jaycee Horn (CB)

I’m fairly confident that Jimmy Garoppolo will end up returning to the Patriots. If he does, expect Bill Belichick to add some defensive back help. Horn doesn’t get the attention he deserves in this draft class, and should be a fine addition to any team, including New England.

  • Arizona Cardinals: Jaelan Phillips (EDGE)

Philips showed some incredible potential at his pro day. So much, that Arizona can rest well after the draft knowing they picked him. They’re a playoff-caliber team, and Phillips can do plenty to contribute to them having an even better shot in the postseason.

  • Las Vegas Raiders: Jermiah Owusu-Koramoah (LB)

He’s no Micah Parsons, but sure is a close second. Owusu-Koramoah has the speed and instincts you’d like to see in a linebacker. For the Raiders, who could use some improvement at that position, he’s a good option. Congratulations on being the second first-round pick for the Las Vegas Raiders!

  • Miami Dolphins: Christian Darrisaw (OL)

Yet some more help for Tagovailoa. It’s realistic the Dolphins could target a running pack with this pick, but that could definitely wait until rounds two or three. Meanwhile, O-line is a spot that could use improvement. Darrisaw can provide aggressive, unforgiving playing that will protect Tua well.

  • Washington Football Team: Trevon Moehrig (S)

Could Washington actually pick up a quarterback here? Maybe. But there’s a better chance that they’ll be using Ryan Fitzpatrick as a bridge quarterback and wait for a better opportunity at a qb. Meanwhile, Moehrig makes the most sense for this pick. Washington needs help in the backfield, and Moehrig is excellent at breaking up passes and taking the ball away.

  • Chicago Bears: Mac Jones (QB)

Mac Jones all the way at 20? This is perfect for Chicago. He’ll be able to work well with Andy Dalton as a mentor, who will probably be the starter at first. Jones is no perfect quarterback by any stretch of the imagination, but may be able to work out in this situation.

  • Indianapolis Colts: Kwity Paye (EDGE)

Speaking of draft steals, the Colts should consider themselves lucky if this happens. Paye is a top-12 talent in the eyes of many analysts, with significant explosiveness and power. He’ll fit well on the Colts, who are starting to look like they’ll have a bright future.

  • Tennessee Titans: Kadarius Toney (WR)

The Titans have no position screaming out to help for them, and are a bit of a wild card on what they’ll do. I think they’ll help improve their receiving situation that was slightly damaged with the loss of Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith. They’ll have a great wide receiver in A.J. Brown, sure, but Toney’s toughness and unpredictable playstyle can help make the WR core something to be scared of.

  • New York Jets: Gregory Rousseau (EDGE)

I’m not going to lie to you, the Jets need improvement everywhere. But when looking who’s available at this point, Rousseau makes the most sense. He’s a little raw as a prospect, but his accumulation of 15.5 sacks in his first season playing at the position should make New York happy about who they’re getting.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Najee Harris (RB)

There’s a general consensus among most people that Harris will be the first running back off the board this year, but there’s disagreement on where it will happen. It would be best if the Steelers take him at this point, mainly to fill the absence of James Connor. Harris also has the ability to be better than he was, especially from what we got to see him do at Alabama.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars: Teven Jenkins (OL)

Since the Jags are getting Trevor Lawrence, they better have taken note of what happened to Andrew Luck. It’s imperative that they start fixing their O-line before Lawrence sustains severe injuries and ends up like the last generational talent as hyped up as him, who retired at 28. Jenkins is considered a second round talent by some, but his absolutely insane aggressiveness is something that I think makes him first round worthy.

  • Cleveland Browns: Azeez Ojulari (OLB)

This is definitely not a necessary pick, since the defensive line still has the incredible Myles Garret. But it would make sense to give him some help, and Ojulari has the strength and flexibility you don’t want to miss out on. He has the ability to contribute to the Brown’s D-line in a huge way.

  • Baltimore Ravens: Christian Barmore (DL)

The Ravens lost some significant weight on their D-line to free agency, but they have the ability to fix that. Barmore had some of the best 2020 college football performances at his position, and boasts a large ceiling. He’s still developmental, but has the ability to become one of the best players on the Ravens.

  • New Orleans Saints: Rashod Bateman (WR)

Even with Michael Thomas as one of their receivers, they could still use some assistance there. Bateman is no Ja’Marr Chase, but he’s still a great route runner and a hard one to cover. He can be a reliable catcher for Taysom Hill, if that’s who New Orleans runs with at QB.

  • Green Bay Packers: Greg Newsome II (CB)

Aaron Rodgers could use someone new on the O-line or at Wide Receiver, but do you really think the Packers are going to help him? Remember, we’re talking about the team that traded up to pick a quarterback to replace him (which motivated Rodgers to become MVP in its own bizarre and hilarious way). Though Newsome is still not a bad selection at all. The team needs defensive back assistance, and he offers a small frame that can cover well and leaves little room for mistake.

  • Buffalo Bills: Jayson Oweh (DE)

It’s really Oweh who’s lucky in this scenario, who will be joining a team might have a dynasty ahead of itself. But the Bills still owe some pleasure to him, as he’s a wonderful play that has a huge upside. He improved significantly in his last season, and there’s not much of a reason not to believe he’ll improve again.

  • Kansas City Chiefs: Liam Eichenburg (OL)

Kansas City dealing with their O-line is like herding cats. Injuries, free agency, and money have made it so both their tackles have left. But the addition of Joe Thuney brings promise, and so does Eichenburg. He might be a little better suited for guard, where the Chiefs don’t need him, but has still been great as a tackle. He’s reliable and safe, not allowing a single sack in his past two seasons.

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Elijah Molden (CB)

The last selection of this mock draft was also the hardest one for me. The Bucs have managed to ensure every single one of their 2020 starters will return next season, and none of them look necessarily replaceable. Yet when in doubt, go cornerback. Tampa could use a strong CB2, and Molden has the ability to become that guy. His size and college performance makes it unlikely he can become a legendary defensive back, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be able to supply great coverage. He can cover a lot of ground at once and doesn’t allow for much to happen in those areas.