COVID Freedom

Family, Friends, Fun

Over the past year, all students have been feeling as if they’re unable to do anything they want and just want to get out of their house. Students continue to think: when will I be able to go to the beach again or when can I go to the mall? As more people are being vaccinated throughout the country, eventually doing things together will be safe again. Once students are given access to the vaccine, many opportunities will open up, and we’ll be able to start doing somewhat normal things again.

Getting together with friends
Many students have come up with different things to do once they get the vaccine. Both freshman Madelon Gorman and sophomore Athena Holman say that they will try to hang out with their friends. Holman says, “When I get the vaccine, the first thing I’m gonna do is see my friends.” Gorman wants to socialize as well. This is a common feeling among Yorktown High School students who miss being able to hang out with their friends.

Vacation to family
Many students responded similarly when asked about seeing their families. Freshman Jane Glynn says, “The first thing I would do when I get the vaccine is go see my COVID sensitive family.” James Callaghan, a freshman, said he would like to visit his cousin in Ireland. “I would probably go to see my family in London after they get vaccinated because I haven’t seen them in a long time,” stated freshman Alisha Choudhury. Katey Imperato, a freshman, says “The first thing I am going to do when I get the vaccine is visit all of my family and cousins that I haven’t seen.” Ninth grader Kevin Griffiths says he would like to see his grandma in person. These students, like others, have not been able to travel to see their families due to the strict traveling rules and the need to quarantine.

Some students came up with activities and places they would want to go after getting the vaccine. Junior Kayla Dunn says she would like to go to an amusement park when she gets the vaccine. Imperato says, “I also want to go to a concert when they start to begin again because there is a lot of new music that has come out since the beginning of the pandemic.” Similarly, both juniors Aidan Murphy and Sean Finnerty say they would like to go to the movie theater. “I want to see a bunch of friends in the movie theater, I miss it so much” states Finnerty.

Staying safe
Many students agree that getting vaccinated is not just about their own safety, but also about the safety of those around them. One person getting the vaccine does not automatically allow them to go out and take risks while others are not vaccinated. “When I first get the vaccine I will make sure that my family gets the vaccine too,” says Freshman Akshya Ravi.

We all want this pandemic to be over, and we all have many things planned that we will do when it ends. Many students have been planning adventures to take on and want to hang out with friends once they’re all vaccinated. We all hope to get vaccinated, have the ability to do the things we can’t during the pandemic, and even see family members who we’ve only seen through our screens over the past year. These students have ideas about what they want to do after getting vaccinated which can inspire others too.