Bridgerton: The New Netflix Hit

On the popular social media app Tik Tok, the classic Victorian style has made a comeback. Young women ranging from teens to twenties have recently become obsessed with the traditions of the 1800s, whilst disregarding the rampant issues of misogyny and racism from that period of time. They have chosen to revive the style and fashion of the luxurious upper class 1800s lifestyle; particularly, many have been drawn to the elegant style of the balls and ceremonies where young women were courted by suitors. To no surprise, when a show showcasing such aired, people immediately fell in love. 

The Netflix Original Series, Bridgerton seemed to have been released at the perfect time. Incorporating a plot filled with Gossip Girl type drama mixed with ball gowns and horse drawn carriages, Bridgerton held high expectations which were fulfilled. 

Opening on a scene of women rushing around, getting ready for the beginning of the courting season, the viewer is instantly transported back in time to the early 1800s. A time when secrets couldn’t travel by text message or social media, but by word of mouth and notoriety. Their society is riddled by scandals and secrets, and of course, money. In the series we are only shown the families of the upper class society. One anonymous woman makes it her goal to uncover and expose these secrets. This Victorian era Gossip Girl has no shortage of material to work with. Through 8 episodes, the highs and lows of the courting season are on display to not only those in the town, but the viewers as well. The creators of the show do an incredible job of touching on the important issues associated with the time period, such as racism and misogyny. 

As many people know, this time period was full of racism, especially because of the standards that were held by society. However, there are well-respected and wealthy Black families represented in the series. This was not very common during this time period, but the creators make it a priority to have equality represented in their series. This is very impactful, especially regarding the recent racial injustice brought to the media’s attention. Another issue of the time period was the blatant misogyny that was expressed through the courting season. On Tik Tok, people romanticized this tradition, tending to focus more on the balls and dresses rather than the hierarchy that men held over women. The show does a good job bringing more attention to this. During this time, young girls would have to please many male suitors in order to save themselves from the outskirts of society. One of the characters, Eloise Bridgerton, expresses early forms of feminism by rebelling against society’s demands. She believes that women should be granted the choice to receive a higher education. Another prominent example of feminism in the series is Lady Whistledown. She uses what little power women had at the time and turns it into something impactful. She uses women’s ability to spread gossip in order to expose the secrets of their society. In this way, she is able to combat the male influence in society. 

Once viewers start Bridgerton, they are hooked immediately. The production of the show was really well done and the fashionable clothes added to the value. The cast was lovable and the plot was easy to follow (even if you’re on your phone half the time). Although the characters lived in the 1800s, many of them could relate to teens’ problems today, which goes to show that despite how styles may go in and out of fashion, the struggles of teens do not. They too dealt with trying to fit in, trying to find their place in the world, and attempting to please their parents. 

If you already love the Victorian era style and fashion, this is the perfect show for you to watch.