Top Ten QBs from the 2020 NFL Season


#10 Ben Roethlisberger

Coming off an elbow injury, the NFL faithful thought the clock had struck midnight for Big Ben. Not only did he respond to the doubters by putting up arguably one of his best seasons, he led the Steelers to a 12-4 record and AFC North division title. It’s important to note this division had three teams make the playoffs and all three had 11+ wins. So what was it that made this season stand out for Roethlisberger? Part of it had to do with his 33 touchdowns, only one off his career high, a minuscule 10 INTs, and over 3,500 yards passing. By hook, centered behind one of the best offensive lines in the league, or by crook, having two receivers with nine TDs, a pop, and 60+ receptions, Ben found a way to get it done; a true quality of a leader and captain, something many analysts thought he lacked. Although, collectively, the Steelers have their doubters, there is NO denying the fact that Ben Roethlisberger played with a tough as steel mindset this season.

#9 Justin Herbert

With his rookie season complete, the future is bright for Justin Herbert and the Chargers. Last year’s 6th overall pick out of Oregon wasted no time to make a splash in the league. His 31 touchdown passes ranked 10th among all QBs in the league. With a 66% compilation percentage and over 4,000 yards passing, keep in mind this is with limited offseason training, Herbert debuted his career with a 69.7 QB rating. A true diamond in the rough for a mediocre and underperforming Chargers team, Herbert led them to a 7-9 record, including a game where they beat the defending champions Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead. The next step would be bulking up the offensive line, as the young buck was sacked 32 times 15 games. The only thing that awaits Herbert in the immediate future is the chance of the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. If the Chargers are smart, they will look to start building a dynasty around this new-found gatekeeper.

#8 Baker Mayfield

If 2020 wasn’t bizarre enough, Baker Mayfield and the Browns put the football world on its head. Not only leading the Browns to their first playoff appearance in 25 years, Mayfield excelled in the passing game this season, throwing for 26 touchdowns, over 3,000 yards and a 62.8% compilation percentage to boot. The key, however, was in the turnover department; Mayfield stood out with only eight interceptions on the year. Not only is this 10th among all QB’s, it is 13 less interceptions than last season. Just to add a cherry on top, Baker Mayfield finished with a 72.4 QB rating. Unleashing his former Heisman self, Mayfield rushed for 165 yards on the year; however, his final three rushing yards made all the difference, as it was a playoff clinching first down against division rivals, Pittsburgh Steelers. The former 1st overall pick is playing his best football yet, doing it with one of the best Browns teams we current YHS students have been alive for.

#7 Lamar Jackson

It may have taken longer than expected, but reigning MVP Lamar Jackson is back and leading the charge for a surging Ravens offense. Although things were looking grim for the Ravens playoff chances, Lamar led the Ravens to 5 straight wins to end the year. Ending the season with 26 touchdowns and over 2,500 yards passing, Lamar racked up a QB rating of 73.9. With over 1,000 yards rushing, and his big play ability, Lamar is one of the most entertaining players in the league. Speaking of entertaining, he was a part of one of the most entertaining NFL games in the history of the league; a Monday night game against their AFC North division rival, the Cleveland Browns. It all came down to the leg of Justin Tucker, but not before Lamar had led them down field in a two minute drill for the ages. The former 32nd overall pick from Louisville is playing better than most previous 1st overall selected QBs. Although looking like he has a bright future ahead of him, Lamar still says he has a lot to prove.

#6 Tom Brady

If you haven’t believed it yet, you should now; Tom Brady is playing some of the best football of his career. Throwing for 40 touchdowns, the second most ever in his career, the 43-year-old veteran has shown he still has it. Already deemed the greatest of all time, the G.O.A.T., by most NFL fans and analytics, this season only bolsters that statement. He led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the postseason on a brand-new team with limited off season practice, a new coach, and a more challenging division, including a season that featured an 11-5 season, over 4000 yards passing and a 65% compilation percentage. However, the Bucs are a very talented team, showcasing a top-tier offensive line that only gave up 21 sacks on the season and a trio of receivers: Evans, Goodwin, and Brown. The way Brady left New England, a pick six in the playoffs, it is pretty amazing to consider his success on the scene this year. To think we could be watching the oldest QB to win a MVP award… only time will tell. For now, the three time MVP and six time super bowl champ may be on his way out; however, he still has one final splash to make before father time comes for father Tom. With a 7th super bowl win under his belt, Tom Brady’s legacy has reached immortality. And Brady says he isn’t done quiet yet. Who knows how much more he has in that magic helmet of his.

#5 Russell Wilson

With a QB like Russell Wilson, as a writer, I am prepared to write the anticipated. Most could just leave it as simple as, “another outstanding year for the 3rd round pick out of Wisconsin.” However, with an improviser like Russ, the only way to do him justice is improvise. Not to mention his need to improvise plays; while sacked 47 times, he was still able to put up 40 touchdowns, over 4000 pass yards and 500 rush yards. All these stats, by the way, are some of the best in his career; this includes his most passing yards, his best compilation percentage at 68.8, and his career high 40 touchdowns. So what made this season special for Wilson and the Seahawks? One thing that most would initially overlook is no fans. The 12th man is what makes Seattle a challenging place to play. Although “at home” without fans, they don’t get the same advantage. The fact that Russ and the rest of the team chalked up 12 wins, 7 of which at home, is nothing to overlook.

#4 Deshaun Watson

“We wasted one of your years,” JJ Watt said to Watson after the Texans week 17 loss to the Bengals. The Texans started the year by trading away one of the best receivers in the league, DeAndre Hopkins. This left Watson with nothing but a battered offensive line, a head coach that struggled to… well… coach and a team that gave up two weeks into the season. However, as usual, Watson was as reliable as ever and put the team on his back. With over 4,800 yards passing, 33 touchdowns and a QB rating of 71, it is needless to say Watson was a diamond in the rough for a depleted Texans team. As not only a sports writer but a football fan myself, I can only pray Watson is able to utilize his true talent on a real team. Although it would be a stretch to get the award, Watson had an MVP caliber season. A true leader and competitor, Deshaun Watson will have multiple offseason offers.

#3 Josh Allen

Undoubtedly one of the toughest players in the league, Josh Allen had a great 3rd season at the helm of the Buffalo Bills. Not only leading his team back to the postseason, but leading them to the division title for the first time in 25 years. With a 13-3 record, one of those losses on a Kyler Murray Hail Mary, the Bills looked liked, and were, one of the best teams in football. Allen had a monster season as well: 37 touchdowns, 4500 passing yards and a QB rating of 81.3. Although not the favorite for MVP this season, he is certainly in the running for not only MVP, but also Offensive Player of the Year. On top of that, he had a 69.2% completion percentage. The 7th overall pick out of Wyoming needed to prove himself this year; needless to say, he delivered in a big way. Not to mention Allen has good scrambling ability to boot. With his 6’5 237lb frame, each one of Allen’s 421 rush yards were powerful. His extended play ability is a big reason why the Bills are favorites to win the AFC; however, to do that they have to get through the #2 QB on the list

#2 Patrick Mahomes

What could you expect? Mahomes is a machine. His 3rd season as full time starter for the Chiefs was as good as ever. Not only with his 3rd straight season with over 4,000 yards passing, 25 touchdowns and 65% completion percentage, but Mahomes also led the Chiefs to a 14-2 record. After easily claiming the AFC West title, the Chiefs steam rolled into the top seed, granting them home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The former league MVP and Super Bowl MVP is looking to add to his trophy case after another picture perfect year. Remember, Mahomes signed a ten year, $450 million extension at the beginning of this year; as of right now, he looks like he has earned every penny of that. With a long and bright future ahead of him, Mahomes is already one of the most entertaining players in the league. The only thing that sports fans have to question now is how many records this kid is going to break.

#1 Aaron Rodgers

“With the 26th pick in the 2020 NFL draft the Green Bay Packers selected Jordan Love, quarterback, Utah State.” These words from Commissioner Roger Goodell unleashed the beast known as angered Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers had been begging for help around him for years on end; with the Packers selecting a quarterback, Rodgers responded. Playing in his angered state, Rodgers threw for 48 touchdowns, five interceptions and earned a 84.4 QB rating. These stats ranked first across the board for QB’s. The former two time MVP and Super Bowl champ played like he was out for blood this season. The Packers not only won the division but also the #1 seed in the NFC. The playoffs would have to go through King Rodgers’s castle, Lambeau Field. The 37 year old out of Cal has had a Hall of Fame career and could possibly end it on an MVP season. As the Packers head to the postseason, this could be the last chance for Rodgers to add to his stat sheet. Whether this is the end of the line or not, he certainly still has gas in the tank. As the Packers are favorites to win the NFC, only time will tell.