Why You Should Join the PAWS Club

Do you like animals and pets such as dogs? How about wildlife animals? Do you like hanging out with new friends while making arts and crafts? If the answer is YES, then this is the perfect club for you.



The PAWS club, run by freshman Adriana Pici and sophomore Sophia Tobias, is a club in which many people get together to learn about all different animals from pets to wildlife. This club focuses on caring for animals in danger. They make homemade toys and similar items for dogs, cats, and other animals to donate to shelters.


What are the main goals of the club?

The main goals for the PAWS club are to let people know that there are animals in danger who need support and help. They wanted to create a club where people can help animals in ways other than signing a petition. Tobias says, “We discuss current endangered animals in the world and focus on a specific group for a period of time and try to do projects to help them.” At the beginning of the year, the club focused on learning about dogs without a home. They made homemade dog toys and donated them to local shelters where dogs can play happily. The club wanted to grant dogs with the love and care they possess. “Imagine being stuck in a cage, with little to do?” said Tobias. These toys were simple to make, despite having to learn how to make them virtually, and the members of the club really enjoyed it. Tobais says, “It felt so humble to do and we had a lot of fun and encouraged others to do it, too!”


What type of people would best be suited to join the club?

Tobias says this club is open to all people. “If you are someone who wants to spread awareness for animals in need or just like animals in general, this is a good club to join!” says Tobias. The members of PAWS club find ways to spread attention about animals in danger and domestic animals in need. There are posters around the school regarding information about meetings and when to join, so anyone is welcome. 


What are the challenges within the club with the pandemic?

There are many challenges with all clubs during the pandemic. A challenge Pici finds particularly difficult is trying to communicate with others about how to help animals while socially distancing. She also says that it is hard to help people with certain questions. If someone gets stuck on an activity while having meetings online it can be difficult to help them, but they always find a way to make it work. Pici also says, “Again with remote meetings, it is hard to share screens if needed due to WiFi problems or technical difficulties.” It is also hard to make donations with some tasks or projects completed because of safety guidelines. “Since COVID precautions are limiting us to donate and spread awareness, it is laborious to find a safe way for all group members to come together during projects,” says Pici. She says that Tobias and her wanted to have a bake sale later in the year, but even with masks and proper precautions, it most likely would not have been safe to have many people together for a bake sale. They hope the future will bring more opportunities for fun activities to do as a group.


What might surprise people about this club?

Tobias says that something that may surprise people about the club is that they are not only focused on making a difference for domesticated animals. “We also try to promote awareness to wildlife,” says Tobias. While the current unit in this club is domestic animals, later in the year games and projects focused on wildlife will be their focus.


What is the best part within this club?

“Adriana and I both agree that even with COVID, we find ways to spread awareness for animals who need more love and support,” says Tobias. After giving away objects made by their members and donating them, the group feels hopeful. They want to inform others that there is much more to do other than just knowing that animals need help. Tobias says, “We try to promote others into understanding that the wildlife and other creatures are in harm, but can be stopped and prevented.” Tobias and Pici say that even through this terrible pandemic, there are still many goals to be reached. 


The PAWS club is a great club to join and they are always open to more people joining them. If you really enjoy animals and need a club to go to, stop by and you will have a great time. There are a variety of people in the club who may be the perfect fit for you. You get to hang out with friends, have fun, and help endangered animals.