COVID Habits Worth Keeping

No one can deny that this year has been rough with Covid.  Most people have been distressed about all the things they cannot do. However, we are still able to look at all the things that might not be so bad during this time.  In the 1918 pandemic, people changed how they lived.  Perhaps this can give us an opportunity to look at the changes we could make in our society.


It is really important to sanitize your hands after doing an activity that may cause you to become dirty.  After asking the question of what should not change after Covid, Madelon Gorman, a first year student at the high school, said, “Sanitizing hands and objects.”  People never really understood how important it was to keep clean.  Also, no one really noticed how effective hand sanitizer actually is.  Now that we all have gotten in the habit of sanitizing our hands, we might be able to stay clean more often.

Keeping Clean

Similar to sanitizing, keeping objects clean is really important to staying safe healthwise.  After asking Annie Newberger, a freshman, what Covid habits we should keep, she said, “The wiping down desks and tables at schools and restaurants.  We really used to be nasty.”  This illustrates that we have come up with better practices to keep healthy.  After asking Bridget O’Sullivan, a middle schooler, the question of what should not change post Covid, she agreed, saying, “Everyone washing their hands and their desks. Overall, just being super clean.”  This is really easy to continue in the future since we got in the habit of cleaning well.

Pre-ordered Lunches

Since going into school has become really different, the lunch ladies have come up with a new way to serve lunch.  Everyone is able to pre-order what they want in advance.  This both makes it more convenient for the lunch ladies since they know what to make prior to lunch time and for the students who have the opportunity to pick up their lunch whenever they have a free period.  This was similar to what they did in the K-3 schools, where the teachers would take everyone’s order so the lunch ladies could prepare.  Of course it is not the same, but you are able to order any wrap, sandwich, or whatever they are offering.

Grocery Shopping

During this pandemic, getting groceries has been a big problem for people.  Groceries are a necessity, but some people might not feel comfortable leaving the house for groceries.  Instacart is very useful for people because they do not have to go anywhere for the groceries and it’s very little work.  Plus, the shoppers can get a job as one.  This is even more convenient for regular shoppers because there are not nearly as many shoppers in the store at once.  Nicole Blustra, a Florida resident, says, “Something that shouldn’t change after Covid is the limited capacity for stores!”  This is very helpful for people who don’t feel comfortable shopping by offering them a safer environment to do so.

Having the Choice of Homeschool

One student, who prefers to be anonymous, says, “Kids should have the option to learn remotely because of bullying, or some kids just learn better at home.”  Since people have been figuring out how to use online learning, it might be better for some kids to go online for school.  You would think most kids prefer going into school, but there are a lot of kids who would rather go fully remote because of anxiety, bullying, or even just being homesick.  Being able to choose whether to go in person for school or online should be an option for families to decide.

The pandemic can be seen as a terrible time where you could not be as productive as you once were.  Or, you can try to make use of what you learned in order to do better in the future.